European Center for Advanced Cyber Security

The Cyber Threat is growing more and more, and so is the urgency to prompt awareness to recognize it and mobilize against it. To address this need, we have chosen to adopt a more effective, tangible, and daily approach: EUCACS, a constant research center, an unstoppable thinking place, and a source of knowledge accessible at all times.

EUCACS was founded in 2016 through the collaboration between CESTUDIS, ISPRI, and InTheCyber.

Over time, these organizations have joined forces through the Cyber Warfare Conference (CWC), an event where professionals and authorities could discuss and bring attention to the most urgent challenges related to cybersecurity.

The unstoppable advance of technology in the cyber era demands reflection on the potential effects on society and, particularly, on the conduct of both national and international politics.

The conference aims to explore issues in the digital age that will increasingly affect leaders and citizens alike, necessitating advance consideration to address them as effectively as possible.

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EUCACS – European Center for Advanced Cyber Security – is a Think Tank with a mission focused on continuous analysis of Advanced Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, and Cyber Defense. It promotes research on cyber strategies and technologies, explores potential scenarios, and develops appropriate strategies, engaging institutions, academics, and private entities.