“In order to defend the entirety of a country’s corporate, government and cultural institutions from threats such as terrorism and advanced crime, it is necessary to have not only technical computer skills, but also sociological and humanistic skills with which to interpret the new communicative language. It is important to act now to prevent terrorist attacks in tomorrow’s cyber space.”

Paolo Lezzi

FOUNDER InTheCyber Group

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Crime fighting isn’t just a job: it’s a state of mind.

For the InTheCyber Group, crime fighting isn’t just a job, it’s a full-on State of Mind.  That’s why we’re committed to raising cyber security awareness, both privately and at a national level.


Working alongside businesses and Institutions

In a world where the risk of external attacks undermining processes, people and technology is both increasingly substantial and real, InTheCyberGroup’s Civil Division assesses and optimises companies’ security, offering global solutions for recovery, blocking attacks and preventing new ones.

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Respecting and focusing on standards

We’re committed to ensuring the companies in our Group adopt a quality policy and product and/or service safety in the marketplace, in accordance with information security and environmental protection.

Code of Ethics

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